Rarest to Most Common Colors of Birman Cat

The Mystique of Rare Colors

Delve into the allure of rare Birman coat colors, coveted for their uniqueness and beauty.

Image : unsplash

Cinnamon Point

Unravel the mystery of the cinnamon point Birman, known for its warm and inviting hues.

Image : unsplash

Lilac Point

The delicate Lilac Point Birman exhibits a pale, frosty-grey body with lilac-hued points.

Image : unsplash

Cream Point

The Cream Point Birman presents a soft, cream-colored body with lighter cream points.

Image : unsplash

 Common Colors

Journey from rare to more common Birman coat colors, celebrated for their widespread popularity

Image : unsplash

Seal Point

Explore the timeless elegance of the seal point Birman, a beloved favorite among cat lovers.

Image : unsplash

Tabby Point

The Tabby Point Birman displays distinct tabby patterns in its points, ranging from classic stripes to swirling patterns.

Image : unsplash

Chocolate Point

The Chocolate Point Birman displays a warm, chocolate-brown body with matching chocolate points.

Image : instagram

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