Top 8 Bulldog Dog Breeds in the USA That Are Copycats

Boston Bulldog

A playful, compact bulldog with the charm of a Boston Terrier. Perfect for urban living.

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Valley Bulldog

Combining the strength of the Boxer with the loyalty of the English Bulldog, this breed is a true companion.

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American Bulldog

A muscular and fearless breed with a gentle heart, embodying the best of American courage

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Victorian Bulldog

A larger, calmer version of the English Bulldog, known for its docile nature and devotion to family.

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English Bulldog

The iconic symbol of British fortitude, known for its wrinkled face and endearing laziness

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American Bulldog Mixes

Discover the unique traits of American Bulldog mixes, combining the best of both breeds

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Olde English Bulldogge

A robust and athletic breed reminiscent of its English Bulldog ancestor. Ideal for active families

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Half French Bulldog, half Boston Terrier, this breed is as affectionate as it is adorable.

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