Top 5 Versatile Herding Skills of the Akita Dogs

Akita dogs are known for their strength, loyalty, and intelligence. Originating from Japan, these dogs were initially bred for hunting large game such as bears, boars, and deer. Over time, their versatile skills made them excellent herding dogs as well. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 herding skills of Akita dogs and understand why they are so well-regarded in this role.

Natural Instinct to Gather

One of the most important herding skills is the ability to gather livestock. Akita dogs have a natural instinct to bring animals together into a group. This skill is crucial when you need to move livestock from one place to another. The Akita’s keen sense of direction and strong presence make them highly effective in gathering.

Driving the Herd

Once the animals are gathered, the next step is to drive them towards a specific direction. Akitas excel at this task due to their powerful build and confident demeanor. They can guide the herd with ease, ensuring that no animal strays away from the group.

Controlling the Herd

Controlling the herd is essential to prevent chaos and keep the animals calm. Akitas are known for their ability to maintain control over livestock without causing panic. Their calm yet authoritative nature helps keep the herd in check, ensuring smooth and efficient movement.

Protecting the Herd

Protection is a key aspect of herding. Akitas, with their strong protective instincts, are excellent guardians of the herd. They can sense danger and react quickly to protect the animals from predators or any other threats. This skill makes them invaluable in ensuring the safety of the livestock.


Heeling involves keeping livestock moving in the right direction by following closely behind them. Akitas are skilled at heeling, ensuring that the animals stay on the correct path. Their presence at the back of the herd provides reassurance to the animals, encouraging them to keep moving forward.


Akita dogs are truly versatile herders with a wide range of skills that make them highly effective in managing livestock. Their natural instincts, combined with their strength and intelligence, allow them to excel in gathering, driving, controlling, protecting, heeling, penning, flanking, barking, stalking, and adapting to various herding scenarios. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile herding dog, the Akita is an excellent choice.

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