Badass 10 Most Uncommon Habits of American Akita Breeds

The American Akita, a breed known for its loyalty, courage, and strength, possesses a set of unique and uncommon habits that distinguish it from other dogs. These habits are not just fascinating but also reflect the distinct personality and intelligence of this remarkable breed. In this article, we delve into the ten most uncommon habits of American Akitas that make them truly badass.

Silent Watchfulness

American Akitas are known for their silent vigilance. Unlike other dogs that bark at every disturbance, Akitas prefer to observe quietly and assess the situation before reacting. This trait makes them excellent guard dogs, as they can often catch intruders by surprise.

Independent Decision-Making

Akitas have a strong sense of independence and are capable of making their own decisions in critical situations. This can be both a blessing and a challenge, as they may not always follow commands if they believe their choice is better. This independent streak showcases their intelligence and self-reliance.

Feline-Like Grooming

One of the most surprising habits of American Akitas is their cat-like grooming behavior. They meticulously clean themselves, often spending a considerable amount of time licking their fur. This not only keeps them clean but also reduces the need for frequent baths.

High Pain Tolerance

American Akitas have an exceptionally high pain threshold. This trait was historically beneficial for their roles in hunting and guarding, where they needed to continue working despite injuries. Owners need to be vigilant about checking for injuries, as Akitas may not show obvious signs of pain.

Selective Socialization

While American Akitas are generally aloof with strangers, they can be incredibly affectionate with their families. They are very selective about whom they trust and form bonds with. This selective socialization is a hallmark of their loyalty and protective nature.

Houdini-Like Escaping Abilities

Akitas are notorious escape artists. They are adept at finding ways to get out of enclosed spaces, whether it’s jumping fences or opening doors. This habit requires owners to ensure that their living environments are secure and escape-proof.

Resource Guarding

This breed tends to exhibit strong resource-guarding behaviors. Whether it’s their food, toys, or favorite resting spot, Akitas can be very protective of their belongings. Proper training and socialization from a young age are crucial to manage this behavior.

Vocalizations Beyond Barking

American Akitas communicate using a variety of vocalizations besides barking. They may grunt, moan, or “talk” to express their feelings. These sounds are often reserved for their human companions and are a unique way of showing their emotions and needs.

Seasonal Shedding

Akitas shed heavily twice a year, a process known as “blowing coat.” During these periods, they lose large amounts of fur in a short time. This seasonal shedding is a natural adaptation to changing weather conditions and helps them maintain a healthy coat.

Unique Play Style

Akitas have a distinctive play style that can seem rough to other dogs and people. They often use their paws to bat at things, much like a cat. This unique form of play reflects their strength and agility but requires careful supervision to ensure it doesn’t lead to unintentional injuries.


The American Akita is a breed full of character, with habits that reflect its history and temperament. These uncommon behaviors make them both challenging and rewarding companions. Understanding these habits is key to forming a strong bond with an Akita and ensuring their well-being and happiness. While their independence and strength can be intimidating, these traits also highlight the deep loyalty and protective instincts that make the American Akita a truly badass breed.

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