The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Script Suggests That It Is Embracing a Recent Superhero Trend

The fourth season of The Umbrella Academy will launch in August 2024, and the first page of the script implies that the Netflix series will follow a recent superhero trend. The upcoming episode of The Umbrella Academy will conclude the series by telling what happens to the Hargreeves siblings after all of their world-saving, universe-resetting escapades. The stakes are going to be higher than ever, and The Umbrella Academy supporters are hoping for a satisfying conclusion.

To accomplish so, The Umbrella Academy must address the most pressing issues presented by prior seasons and give its major characters a proper send-off. That’s no simple task, and it sounds like the show will be juggling new characters and concepts as it nears its conclusion. This is a subject that has been used in a variety of superhero films and series in recent years, with different degrees of success — though it makes sense for the Hargreeves plot.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Script Teasers The Possibility Of A Multiverse

-The Umbrella Academy posted the first page of its season 4 premiere script on Twitter, and the conversation that kicks off the last season is creating a lot of questions about where things are going. The discussion occurs between two new Umbrella Academy characters, Nick Offerman’s Gene and Megan Mullally’s Jean, and it involves them discovering a series of bizarre artifacts in the bag of someone named Eddy. It’s unknown how these characters fit into The Umbrella Academy’s overall tale. However, the things they discover hint that the program will include a multiverse of some type.

Eddy’s suitcase contains a button commemorating JFK’s third term (which does not appear to have occurred, based on the characters’ reactions) and two VHS copies of the same movie with different stars. These anomalies imply that these things are from alternative timelines, where key events occurred differently. The fact that they exist alongside one another suggests that those timelines may still exist. That would be a fascinating twist given how many times the Hargreeves have reset the universe. It would also see the Umbrella Academy join the multiverse trend.

A Multiverse story would have the Umbrella Academy following a recent superhero trend.

The Umbrella Academy season 4 is far from the first superhero production to embrace the multiverse trend, with other films and shows tackling the topic in recent years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely the most well-known example, with projects such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gaining prominence for mixing realities. The DCEU, Invincible Season 2, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and a few other films have all explored the idea of many universes clashing.

One could even argue that using the multiverse is becoming tiresome, especially when Marvel’s 2023 report confirms that the studio is experiencing difficulties. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the Spider-Verse movies or films like Everything Everywhere All at Once from prospering with their idea. It works when done correctly, but it can get unwieldy otherwise. Fortunately, The Umbrella Academy is well prepared to introduce various realities in Season 4.

Why the Multiverse makes sense for the Umbrella Academy.

Although the multiverse works better in certain stories than others, it makes sense for The Umbrella Academy to take this approach. The Netflix program has already rebooted the characters’ timelines several times, and the plot swings around enough to make a multiverse feel natural in season 4. The Hargreeves siblings are currently trapped in a completely new chronology, and they will most likely try to escape before the ultimate excursion. This could lead them to find other worlds, and they may understand that their activities are partially responsible for such divides in reality.

With the Hargreeves routinely resetting the cosmos — with Number Five constantly time traveling — it makes plausible that a multiverse may emerge from the fragments of the histories they’ve altered or “reset.” The Hargreeves aren’t the only ones toying with time and space in the Netflix series. The Commission and Reginald are also in charge of such activities at The Umbrella Academy. It is possible that these characters may learn their acts had a greater influence than they previously realized — or that some of them already do. And with so much preparation, a multiverse wouldn’t feel out of place.

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